5 Top Qualities of a True Leader

5 Top Qualities of a True Leader

In this world there are mostly followers and a minute amount of true leaders who provide direction and make the world go round. You may not know what makes up a true leader, but you’ll likely know one when you see him or her.
leadership and focus represented by color pencils
True leaders seem to have an aura about them that makes people take note when they enter a room or when they speak. It doesn’t matter how you look or what background you came from – it only matters if you’ve developed qualities at some point during your lifetime that give you the prized possession of true leadership.

There are many qualities that a leader must cultivate, but five of the top qualities that a leader must possess are:

  • Honor If you’re to become a true leader in whatever career or personal path you choose, you must have a strict code of honor. Your character is the most important part of your overall makeup and honor brings out the best of that character.
  • Commitment No matter what you know or how much education you have, without commitment, you’ll never be a true leader. The Olympic gold medal winner didn’t reach the top just because he or she was fit. Commitment played a strong role in his win.
  • Courage It takes a lot of courage to be a leader. You have to be able to follow through with whatever you’re afraid of and make it look as if you’re totally unafraid. With every fear you conquer, you’ll gain a unique brand of confidence that others don’t have.
  • Generosity By giving to others of time, knowledge, money and other resources you’ll build riches for yourself. Giving to others means that you’re not attached to the worldly things that can keep you from success. You have to be willing to let go before you can accomplish what you set out to do.
  • Communicate A good communicator is a rare commodity these days. Just because you chat with others doesn’t make you a good communicator. You must maintain eye contact with a person and really listen to what he says. Reach out to others when you communicate and attempt to get to the heart of what matters.

True leaders are grounded in their beliefs and unshakeable in their passions. They do what they love and don’t complain if it takes more time and effort than most people would attempt.

One way to become a true leader is to emulate the qualities you admire in a person you consider a leader. It’s much easier to be a follower, but if you want to assume a leadership role in your life, the rewards are worth every effort.

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