A smile on my face draws others towards me

A smile on my face draws others towards me

A sincere smile makes me seem approachable, even from a distance.

smiling woman

People feel comfortable coming to me because they feel welcomed by my smile.

When I smile, I do it out of a genuine desire to inspire joy in everyone whom I encounter. My personal goal is for people to walk away from an interaction with me feeling happier than they were before we met.

The world can feel full of unpleasantness and fear, but my smile helps to generate hope. A negative attitude is all too common, and it pushes people away. To enjoy pleasant company, I refrain from giving in to negativity.

Wearing a smile on my face is a conscious choice I make every morning. I smile, not because life is perfect, but because I choose to see the positive in every situation. There is something to find joy in even in the toughest of times.

I make it my duty to find something to be cheerful about at all times. Instead of pushing people away with negativism, I draw them in with my smile.

My friends and family look up to me as someone whose presence they enjoy. They like to spend time with me because I smile. My positive attitude puts me in a position of influence over others.

Today, I choose to find a reason to smile. Whether it is because of a triumph, a lesson, or just the joy of living, I wear a bright smile on my face to inspire others to do the same. With my positive outlook, I am transforming my relationships, my community and my world.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Why should I smile today?
  2. Why is it best to focus on the positive?
  3. How does my attitude affect my relationships?
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