Adding self-discipline to my life produces peace

Adding self-discipline to my life produces peace

I enjoy a peaceful life because I take time to organize my thoughts and prioritize my responsibilities.

When I add discipline to my routine, I eradicate the negative effects of chaos on my overall sense of happiness.

Chaos is the result of a lack of self-discipline. I am eliminating the chaos in my life by adding order to my day. Adding order to the practical tasks of my routine results in a deep sense of peace for me.

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I add discipline to my schedule, preventing me from over-committing and freeing me to take time for self-reflection. A balanced schedule serves as a tool for organizing my time. With an organized schedule, I have time to complete my tasks and rest my body.

I add self-discipline to the way I manage my home. I keep my home organized and free of clutter to maximize my effectiveness. When my home is clean, serenity fills the atmosphere. Through self-discipline, I am able to maintain my home organized on a consistent basis.

Self-discipline in my life goes beyond practical physical application to matters of my personality. I add discipline to the way I respond to others in order to be at peace with everyone. I have peaceful relationships because I choose to discipline myself.

Today, because of my self-discipline, I enjoy a life filled with tranquility – from the atmosphere in my home to my relationships with others. The peaceful results of self-discipline are worth its challenge.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. In which areas of my life do I need to increase my self-discipline?
  2. How can I add more discipline to the mundane tasks of my life?
  3. Why is self-discipline so vital to my ability to rest?
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