I’m a big fan of listening to books on my iPod, especially when driving or exercising. I’ve been a customer of for years though the iTunes store. Recently they’ve ramped up their library and came out with some awesome promotions. I immediately jumped on the $7.49 Gold membership (for the first 3 months, then goes to $14.95) which gives you one book download every month. I think it’s a great deal which is why I’ve peppered the site with banners.

Check it out: I just downloaded a $24.95 audio book for only $7.49:

audible check-out

In minutes the book was downloaded and it my iTunes (had to install their download software):

book dowloaditunes-audiobooks

It gets interesting. In the ITunes screenshot, you’ll notice another book, Free by Chris Anderson (famed author of The Long Tail). That was the first book I downloaded after signing up. However, for some reason my account was not debited to download this title. I noticed the price is $0.00 for the unabridged version, but the abridged version goes for $18.99. I thought maybe I downloaded a sample of the book or something that was mislabeled. Nope. It’s the real deal, got it loaded on my iPod and listed to the first chapter already!

So, I received two books for $7.49. Here’s what I did:

  • Signed up for the Gold Membership.
  • Browsed titles, came across Free, added to my cart and downloaded it.
  • Noticed my account still had a credit, browsed another title, added it to my card and downloaded it.
  • This time my account was debited 1 credit as expected.
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