Because I accept my shortcomings, I can turn them into something beautiful

Because I accept my shortcomings, I can turn them into something beautiful

Like everyone else, I have shortcomings. What sets me apart is my ability to accept them! I accept my shortcomings because they’re a part of me.

In reality,

I am the only one who can accurately assess my challenges and weaknesses.

I choose to take a positive stance on myself and turn my so-called shortcomings into something beautiful.

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If I stutter when I talk, it is simply because I am so excited. If I am shy, it is simply because I am soft spoken. And if I am overly boisterous, it is simply because I am opinionated.

I view the characteristics that make me self-conscious as something fun or beautiful. Of course, if a trait truly affects my life negatively, I create the opportunity to improve it. And therefore, I enhance my fulfillment in life.

But generally, the negative traits I see are just things that I am sometimes overly critical. I realize that in actuality, I am the only person that takes note of these things.

Every person I know is different. Each of my friends fit into a mold of their own – a pattern that they create. And I have a mold all to myself as well.

This individuality is what keeps our friendships thriving. We can learn from each other, expand our social circles, and experience things through the eyes of another!

Today, I alter my mindset positively! I turn a shortcoming into a beautiful attribute.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I turn my shortcomings into something beautiful?
  2. Do I see the best in others, as they do in me?
  3. Am I overly critical of myself?
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