Because I am organized, I am able to minimize my daily stress.

Because I am organized, I am able to minimize my daily stress.

I take the necessary time to be organized because I know that doing so minimizes my daily stress. While it is sometimes tempting to rush into a work week or a project, I recognize that my time is like money; I have to spend some to gain some.


I organize my time to facilitate my goals by pruning off activities that drain me of my time and energy.

I recognize that, like everyone else, my time is not limitless. I choose to set aside specific times for those activities that are important to me and I let the rest go.

I set aside time at the beginning of each project to make sure I have a clear picture of where I am going and that I have the resources I need to get there. This way I don’t end up whittling it away on pointless and avoidable activities.

For example, I see no point in wasting time hunting for my keys each morning, so I set a basket by the door to drop them in each night.

Supplies are stocked and organized by my desk to prevent wasted time and distraction when I am in the middle of my work.

A weekly menu eliminates waste when I shop and minimizes my time in the kitchen.
I take a few minutes to do each of these things on a periodic basis so I can have more time to focus on what is truly important in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What excuses do I give myself for not being organized?
  2. What frequent time wasters can be minimized or eliminated?
  3. What can I do, today, to begin the process of getting organized?
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