Being a good listener helps me be more patient.

Being a good listener helps me be more patient.

Sometimes it seems as if my world is spinning with ongoing communication. Co-workers provide me with much-needed information. Family members share their wants and needs with me. Friends call me and ask for help with something or simply want to hang out together.


My patience can wear thin if I lose my focus on attending to others.

Therefore, I do everything I can to keep my wits about me. I listen well. I want to hear what those around me have to say. And when I have a clear understanding of what others want from me, I am more patient with them.

I engage in behaviors like stopping what I am doing when others speak to me, looking them in the eye while they are talking, and verbally responding to them in order to assure them that I hear them.

My goal is to show others that I understand what they want from me while demonstrating a kind patience toward them. I am confident in my ability to listen well and increase my understanding of others.

Today, I plan to be more patient with those I interact with by strengthening my listening skills. The better I listen, the more patience I acquire.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How well do I listen to others? Do I see the connection between listening and patience?
  2. In what types of situations do I find myself losing patience when dealing with others? Is my ability to listen a factor?
  3. What steps can I take to ensure I listen well and show more patience?
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