Being ambitious makes my life better.

Being ambitious makes my life better.

I am blessed to possess ambition. When I think about everything I want in life like health, happiness, and a peaceful existence, I know that my level of ambition is integral to achieve those things.

Business Break Through

To me, being ambitious is having energy, a sense of adventure, and a bold approach when it is needed.

Rather than wait for others to lead, I take responsibility to make things happen.

Showing ambition at work brings me many good things: respect from my co-workers, trust from my supervisor, and self-satisfaction regarding my career. The energy I demonstrate to others is motivating and encouraging to me and those around me.

My life has more variety because of my ambition.

In my personal life, I reach out to establish new relationships as opportunities arise. I agree to try new activities and explore different venues.

Each day, I strive to move forward and create the life I want. I realize that the existence I enjoy now is due to my ambitious endeavors.

Today, I know I can positively contribute to my life by showing ambition. I can assertively step forward and create the life I yearn for through my energy and adventuresome spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How ambitious am I? How do I demonstrate my ambition?
  2. Reflecting back, when is the most recent time that I could have shown more ambition? How might I have been more ambitious then and what can I learn now from the situation?
  3. What steps can I take each day to strengthen my ambition?
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