Being attentive helps me stay informed.

Being attentive helps me stay informed.

Although my mind sometimes wanders, I realize the importance of paying attention and remaining in the moment. When I am attentive, I gain information that can either help me now or impact my future in powerful ways.


Being attentive to the people around me and to my environment helps me stay informed and safe.

I am mindful of my environment, which can make the difference between feelings of dissatisfaction with my day as opposed to experiencing one of my best days ever. Being aware of situations like weather factors, traffic issues, and community events ensures I have a productive day.

Focusing on what others say and do teaches me about life.

My neighbor may make small talk about certain chores he has to complete around his house. I take it in and “file” the information away for a time when I plan to work on my own home.

A friend calls to describe a personal crisis and I listen to her words. I reflect on what occurs and ponder my friend’s situation. I ask myself what I can learn from her experience. When I pay attention, I gain wisdom and knowledge.

I am steadfast and focused in my efforts to pay attention.

Today, I pay close attention to what is going on around me and what others are saying. I live an informed life because I am aware of my environment, the situations that occur, and the people around me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How well do I pay attention?
  2. Do I pay attention to everyday happenings, like the weather and traffic, to determine how it might affect my day before I set out to work or shop?
  3. If I find myself wanting to be more attentive in a situation, what should I do?
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