Being resourceful is important to me.

Being resourceful is important to me.

To be resourceful means I am inventive, flexible, creative, and even imaginative. When I solve a difficult challenge, it shows that I am adaptable and deft. I have many talents when it comes to putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

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I view each challenge as an opportunity to show my skills.

Because I am resourceful, I have confidence that I can seek out and find the answer. I can always locate and use the resources I need.

I just ask myself what can help me accomplish my goal. Do I need someone to help me? Who? Do I need to research something? Where can I find it? Do I need tools to move me forward? Which tools and how can I get them?

My resourcefulness comforts me because I know I can do anything.

I am proud of my versatility. I roll with the punches, regardless of what happens. Life is an adventure filled with challenges of all types and I know I can achieve success despite the obstacles that rise up to greet me.

Today, I reflect on my recent struggles. Thinking about issues that challenge me provides me with the chance to remind myself of my resourceful nature. It is exhilarating to realize my personal power.

I know I can continue to be resourceful in the future.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Who do I know whom I consider resourceful?
  2. What does it take to be resourceful?
  3. Am I resourceful? If so, in what ways? How can I be more resourceful?
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