A Commitment to Excellence

A Commitment to Excellence

When a person is committed to excellence, his or her talents are showcased in their leadership abilities. Committing yourself to excellence is giving yourself the gift of motivation. When you’re committed to being the best you can be you’re motivated to do what it takes.
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The mantra of today seems to be, “If I’m no worse than anyone else, I’m okay.” Unfortunately, many people are just too lazy or unmotivated to make the effort to be excellent in their personal life or their chosen career field. But, when you go the extra mile to help yourself stand out among others that have self-defeating mantras, you’ll succeed far and above your competitors.

Those leaders who are committed to excellence tend to have certain traits, including:

  • High Standards – This trait involves a vision of what the very best looks like and the will to make that vision come true. If you’re a sales person, it means that you strive to give your customers the best deals at the best price possible. If you’re a teacher, it means that you will give your very best effort to teach your students.
  • Integrity – Commanding the most respect of leaders, integrity is imperative to cultivate in leadership pursuits. Honesty in everything you say and being above-board in all your interactions means that you deal with people in a way that doesn’t compromise your belief system.
  • Fitness – Keeping yourself in the best health you can and striving for a fit body and mind shows that you respect your body and want to give it every advantage for health. Fitness is a trait that is usually a part of every leader’s prioritized goals.
  • Inspiring Others – By setting a good example for others a person rises to a level of excellence. Being a good listener, emitting courage and a “can do” attitude can be highly instrumental in inspiring others to reach higher.
  • Manages Time Effectively – Time management skills are crucial to a good leader. Prioritizing goals and tasks and then focusing on each one until the goal or individual task is accomplished is an enviable trait in a true leader.

Think about the leaders that you’ve admired and how they demonstrated their commitment to excellence. Chances are that he or she had all the traits above and more.

Books and online help abound to encourage and lead you in the direction you need to take to become a truly effective leader and one who is committed to excellence in leadership.

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