Competence in all things is my goal.

Competence in all things is my goal.

It is important to me to be as competent as possible. I want to be seen as well qualified to others, so I take action to learn how to do things in the best way possible and put forth my best effort for every task.


From my work, to my relationships, to raising my kids, I strive to be competent.

I get the training and the education I need to thoroughly know and understand how to do things that are important to me. I research anything I have questions about and practice new techniques that might help me accomplish my tasks better in any way.

I volunteer to do jobs that others refrain from. I recognize that doing so can provide me with an opportunity to hone my skills and abilities. As I show my competence to others, I am given more chances to learn more and achieve the things I strive for in life.

Everything about my life is enhanced when I display competence. I take great pride in whatever I do.

Today, I plan to personally evaluate my competence. I can look back throughout my career and reflect on my performance.

My competence in my family relationships deserves some investigation also. I know I can re-vitalize my efforts to be competent in all things.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How important is having competence to me?
  2. Do I believe that I exude competence in whatever I do?
  3. If there are times that I find myself unsure of how to do something, what do I do about it?
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