Distance clarifies my thinking.

Distance clarifies my thinking.

My thoughts become more positive when I distance myself from a tough issue. I appreciate the wisdom I gain by giving myself adequate space.


It can be difficult to see things accurately when I am too close to a situation. That is especially true when I experience strong feelings. Stepping back gives me greater clarity and control.

I sometimes picture the circumstances as if they were happening to someone else. Then, everything becomes less overwhelming. I can stop panicking about my own job loss or illness. I am able to see potential solutions, like applying for new positions or visiting the doctor.

I shift my focus and see current hardships as though they happened in the past. I think about how I would have recovered from them instead of feeling trapped and vulnerable.

I distinguish between myself and my emotions. There may be moments when my thoughts are influenced by anger or sorrow. But I still have other qualities to draw upon, like my patience and perseverance.

I try to distract myself temporarily. A short break gives me time to calm down.

Most of all, distance allows me to distinguish between root causes and symptoms. I develop solutions that get to the heart of the issue and provide me with long-lasting relief.

Today, I train myself to create distance and become more objective.

I regard myself with compassion while putting my emotions at arm’s length and taking constructive action.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What advice would I give to a friend if they were experiencing a conflict similar to one in my own life?
  2. How does distancing myself from my emotions reduce stress?
  3. What are three practical rituals that help me manage strong emotions?
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