Downtime restores me.

Downtime restores me.

I give myself permission to take the time I need each day.

Strategic breaks heighten my productivity and sharpen my concentration. I am able to accomplish more and focus better when I return to my work.


Idle moments inspire creativity.

I feel more playful. I see familiar events in a new way.

I see proof of this all around me. I experience eureka moments while taking a shower. Solutions to difficult questions suddenly appear. I discover what words to use when asking my boss for extra resources. I decide how I want to redecorate the dining room.

I begin each day with some peace and quiet. I read a few pages of a book or drink my coffee outside on the deck while listening to the birds.

When I feel sleepy, I schedule a nap. Even ten minutes of sitting with my eyes closed leaves me feeling refreshed. I also engage in daily meditation to make me more mindful. I increase my awareness of the opportunities surrounding me.

Activities that require little mental effort free up my imagination. I picture myself taking on new challenges while I knit or toss a salad. Nature walks add beauty to my afternoons. I remember to be grateful for green plants and blue skies.

If I need a longer hiatus, I go on a retreat. I may travel to the mountains or spend an hour sitting in my back yard.

Today, I appreciate the stillness of downtime. I stop to renew my energy and enjoy life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are three relaxing activities that help me think clearly?
  2. How does downtime stimulate my creativity?
  3. How can I disconnect from work and focus more on my family?
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