Each day I am grateful for simple things

Each day I am grateful for simple things

Every day that I am here on earth, I am filled with wonder about everything around me. Intense gratitude rises in me at the sound of a child’s voice, the fragrance of flowers in the air and the sight of dew-laden grass in the morning.

In a world stuffed with material goods, sometimes I feel challenged to just feel grateful in my own space with my own possessions and the simple things in life. But I remind myself to look around and find what brings me feelings of joy and thankfulness.

When the tough days come along, I think of the smile on my friend’s face or I notice the sound of the birds singing in the early evening. My thoughts lead me back to feeling gratitude for these pure sources of light in my life.

Closeup of bee on yellow flower

The simplest things have the greatest value to me.

The comfortable, old stuffed chair in the living room and a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning remind me that I have so much to be thankful for. Each day the sun rises and I am here to see it, I feel grateful.

Life gets pretty complicated sometimes. When it does, I re-focus myself and acknowledge the contentment I find in simplicity. After a hard day’s work, I indulge in a glass of iced tea and put my feet up. And I am grateful for these small moments.

Today, I acknowledge all the wondrous yet simple things that surround me. I notice my children’s bright eyes, my spouse’s facial expressions, and the beauty of nature. I am so grateful every day for simple things in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Each day, do I take note of something I am grateful for?
  2. How can I ensure that I am spending a few minutes every day reflecting on the blessings in my life?
  3. At this very moment, what am I grateful for?
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