Each day I strive to be proactive.

Each day I strive to be proactive.

I can never be certain of what each day holds for me. Sometimes, events occur outside of my power. Other times, I am involved in what takes place.


Sometimes I can take steps to circumvent the development of challenging situations. Since there are events where my behavior and choices make a difference, I strive to be proactive.

Being proactive means I take control by doing something now rather than waiting until later when the situation unfolds.

I attempt to stay on top of circumstances that can complicate my day. Striving to do whatever I can to prevent or lessen negative happenings is important to me.

Something as simple as communicating clearly to others in a timely fashion is often the best step I take to be proactive. I recognize my power to affect events that occur in my home, neighborhood, and workplace.

As long as I pay attention to my surroundings and stay in tune with the people in my immediate environment, I can likely take action to short-circuit a troublesome situation that might develop.

I want my life to go as smoothly as possible, which is why I stay informed and involved. Being proactive makes me feel confident and empowered.

Today, my plan is to notice the individuals and events that surround me. When necessary, I can intervene early to prevent convolution and negativity from occurring. I strive to be proactive because it makes my life and the lives of others better.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I stay in tune with whatever is happening around me?
  2. Do I take proactive steps to be helpful and control a situation?
  3. What can I do to be more proactive?
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