Each day, I strive to learn something new.

Each day, I strive to learn something new.

I seldom become bored because I believe there is always something interesting to learn. I need only take notice of the things around me, even in the details of my normal daily routines, to discover learning opportunities.

Woman laying on beach with pictures

When I pay close attention to how the sun rises each morning, I realize I can learn something new about Mother Nature’s creations. I see how the colors of the sun’s rays vary depending on the morning’s weather.

There is really nothing which crosses my path that I take for granted. Even when I am busy with my work, I acknowledge interruptions that come my way.

I believe that sometimes divine intervention shows itself in unexpected ways to give me the guidance and assistance I need. I take a moment to focus on the distraction and try to hear what it is telling me.

Each day brings experiences that can help me develop into a stronger, more beautiful human being.

I anticipate those experiences with excitement.

Today, I commit to learning something, even if the situation makes me upset or angry. I know that negative situations sometimes show themselves in order for me to learn how to exercise patience, kindness and trust.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Am I always able to learn the lesson when it is occurring?
  2. How important is reflection at the end of the day to my ability to learn something new?
  3. Do I endeavor to share my knowledge gained with others around me?
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