Economic challenges inspire me to be creative.

Economic challenges inspire me to be creative.

I believe that tough times call for more resolve. In tough economic times, I resist the urge to feel helpless and hopeless. Economic challenges inspire me to be creative.

empty pockets

I know I have the skill sets to be creative. I apply creativity in many areas of my life. This ability can also be exercised with my finances.

When things get a little tougher financially, I think of ways to make extra money. I actively seek opportunities to earn.

I look for things I know I am good at, and can earn from.

I am also creative with my spending. There is always room in my budget for cutting expenditure.

I consider whether some of the things I want are actually things I need. I am mature and disciplined enough to know the difference between wants and needs. I remind myself that there is a time and place for everything.

If I notice others around me folding under economic pressure, I encourage them to persevere. I help them find ways to cut their expenses or earn more.

When I see something I want but cannot afford, I sometimes feel disappointed. But I resist the urge to spend on it. I allow myself to sleep it off. From experience, I know that I may no longer feel for it the next morning.

Today, I confront every challenge with determination to succeed. I am committed to staying one step ahead of economic challenges.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I consistently budget to prevent overspending?
  2. What plans do I have in place to secure some kind of savings?
  3. Do I allow myself to be indulgent when I know I can afford it?
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