Exercise empowers me.

Exercise empowers me.

Physical exercise does much more than tone my body. Working out makes me more powerful.

fitness girl

Following my fitness program builds my confidence.

I know that I am strong and capable. I can do whatever I set my mind to. My endurance increases. I am patient and persistent. When I encounter an obstacle, I find alternative ways to make progress.

I show myself that I can work towards my goals. Preparing for a marathon teaches me how to pursue a promotion or build an extension on my house.

I have more energy. I balance activity and rest. I enjoy better health and operate at full capacity with fewer infections or injuries. This gives me all the resources I need to get through my busy days.

Exercise encourages me to adopt other good habits that add to my wellbeing. I eat a nutritious diet. I see my doctor for recommended check-ups. I manage stress.

There are many ways for me to squeeze more physical activity into my schedule. I can get up earlier in the morning to play a game of tennis or throw a Frisbee around before work. In my leisure time, I can turn off the TV and head to the gym.

For those days when I am unable to make it to the health club, I choose exercises I can do at home. I buy a jump rope or work out with a Pilates video.

Today, I put my heart into my workout. I know that exercise makes me more effective at everything I do.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How does being fit change the way I see myself?
  2. What does personal power mean to me?
  3. What motivates me to exercise on a regular basis?
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