Exercise lifts my mood

Exercise lifts my mood

I am a completely new person after I finish an exercise routine! There is nothing in life that can compare to the euphoria I feel when I get to the end of an effective workout.
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Exercise lifts my mood even when I doubt my mood can be lifted.

When I begin my jog at 5 am on a cold, bleak morning, I sometimes feel discouraged. I feel like I am about to be conquered by the elements that await me. My first lap around the block feels like torture, but as I allow myself to continue, I become more and more inspired.

I feel my spirit begin to embrace my workout after about ten minutes. Once I get into my routine, it becomes less like a burden and more like a necessary part of life.

My family and friends enjoy my company when my daily pursuits include exercise. I appear dramatically different to them when I workout, even if several hours have passed.

I am more alert, interested and energetic when exercise is a regular part of my life.

Today, exercise is a key component of each day. It is as important to my life as breathing and keeping my body nourished. I like the person I am when I allow myself to stay in peak physical shape through regular workouts.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I alternate the type of exercise I do so it doesn’t become monotonous?
  2. How do I motivate myself to exercise when I feel like skipping my workout?
  3. How differently do I feel when I have allowed a few days to pass without exercise?
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