Finding solace at home is important to me

Finding solace at home is important to me

Whenever life gets tough, I want to know I have a place to go where I can feel soothed and consoled. Realizing that I have a safe, strong shelter from the storms of life is comforting. Therefore, I strive to have a home where I find solace.

As soon as I move in to a new home, I begin to think about ways to create soothing spaces throughout. I believe that one of the most necessary purposes my home serves is to provide me with a place of respite.

At the end of a busy or particularly challenging workday, I look forward to returning to my haven. My home is peaceful, consoling, and makes me feel better.
Family room
Finding solace at home is important to me because I believe that everyone deserves a safe, secure spot to return to after a hard day. I know that I need somewhere to go that helps me revive and rejuvenate.

The peace that my home provides helps me get ready to face the world again.

Like a butterfly’s cocoon, my home embraces me with stillness, security and safety. Also like the butterfly, I take the time to rest and grow. Then, I can go forward to meet the next day with renewed vigor.

Today, I am pleased that my home provides me peace and comfort. I continue to create and sustain places that provide solace in my home because this is important to me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What makes my home a special place to savor?
  2. Why is having a place of comfort to return to at the end of a busy day so necessary?
  3. What can I do to ensure that my home provides me with serenity and solace?
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