Flexible thinking invites success into my life.

Flexible thinking invites success into my life.

Keeping an open mind gives me power to face daily challenges. I increase my resilience. I am more productive and feel less pressured. When I am willing to adapt to new conditions, I continue to make progress even when unexpected situations come my way.


My relationships with others strengthen when I am less rigid. When I abandon the desire to have everything my own way, I can see things from the perspective of others more clearly.

This willingness to experiment is very helpful in forming new and better habits. I examine the way I have always done things and look for different options.

I am free to enrich my future rather than being stuck on old routines.

I love the feelings that accompany my mental suppleness. A great sense of ease comes over me when I accept situations as they are and work to make them better. My energies are devoted to producing positive solutions.

I can do this in any context so I know I can be happy and productive anywhere. This builds my confidence.

Today, I go forth with the resolution to keep an open mind. I view my daily routine from a fresh perspective and look forward to experimenting with alternative ways of managing my personal life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. In what situations have I come out ahead because of my willingness to be flexible?
  2. What circumstances make it easier (or more challenging) for me to use flexible thinking?
  3. Who are the individuals in my life that are good role models of flexible thinking and what can I learn from them?
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