Focusing on being friendly is important to me.

Focusing on being friendly is important to me.

I encounter many people in an average day. I see my neighbors when I am on my way to work. At the coffee shop, the people mill about with goals similar to my own. I arrive at work and everyone is settling in for the business of the day.


It makes my life easier and more interesting if I consciously focus on being as pleasant as possible with others.

I recognize I have a need to be as open and kind to others as possible. I feel that I am a better person if I go just a tad out of my way to be friendly to another human being.

Others typically react well to me when I show an interest in them by smiling and talking with them for a few minutes.

In reflecting on my own difficult times, I notice how feeling the friendship of others always makes a positive difference in my emotional state. When I experience trying situations, it is a relief when someone reaches out to me in friendship, care, and interest.

I strive to keep the concept of friendliness in my mind throughout the day. My simple act of being friendly to someone can have a profound impact on their day and emotions.

Today, I consider how I can consistently keep my mind on being friendly to others. I promise myself to cheerfully acknowledge those around me. Friendliness is a goal that I can easily achieve.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How important is it to me to be friendly?
  2. Whenever others are open and friendly toward me, how do I feel about it?
  3. Am I friendly to others at home, work, and out in public? How could I improve my efforts?
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