Gurus Exposed Why most self-help products are a waste of time and money. Report By Stephen Seretan, 2010.
Retrain Your Brain for a Better Life Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) report By Morry Zelcovitch, 2007, 8 pages.
As a Man Thinketh You are what you think. By James Allen, 1902, 21 pages.
The  Power  of  Collective  Intention How to Massively Amplify Collective Intention into the Matrix. By Aaron Murakami, 2007, 26 pages.
Scientific Advertising Classic advertising concepts used to this day.By Claude Hopkins, 1923, 91 pages.
Relaxation Unlocks Higher Perception White paper on the relationship between muscle tension and mental stress. By Aaron Murakami, 4 pages.
Reprogramming the Mind for Success 29 page preview of Reprogramming the Mind for Success. By Dean Wittingham, 2008, 29 pages.
The Roving I Appendix The first appendix from The Roving I, which contains a link to download the short story Tale for the New Millennium. By Dr. Anton Grosz, 2009, 3 pages.
Think and Grow Rich The classic by Napoleon Hill, 1937, 235 pages.

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