Genuine happiness fills my heart when good things happen to my loved ones

Genuine happiness fills my heart when good things happen to my loved ones

My heart is filled with true happiness when good things come to those I love. I rejoice when the people in my life reach their hearts’ desires. I support the visions of those I love. So when those dreams become reality, I feel as if my own dreams have come true.

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I see the success of others as a positive, rather than a threat. When my loved ones succeed, I can learn from their experiences and draw from their wisdom. Because I am part of their lives, I get to share the rewards of their blessings.

I am free from envy about the success of others because I am confident about my own achievements. I am selfless enough to put myself aside while I rejoice with someone else. Genuine love enables me to celebrate others with sincerity.

My intentions toward my cherished ones are pure because love rules my relationships. I thwart competition by choosing each day to focus on my own purpose in life rather than comparing my journey with someone else’s.

My job is not to judge what is happening to my friends, but to share in their experiences. I create an atmosphere where others feel comfortable sharing the good things happening in their lives without feeling guilty about them.

As a true friend, I celebrate with my friends when they are happy.

This is just the flip side of the way I stand by their side when they are sad. I am there for them, regardless of their experiences.

Today, I choose to celebrate the success of my friends and selflessly enjoy their blessings.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Which friend or family member can I congratulate today on their recent achievement?
  2. Why is it sometimes important to put myself aside?
  3. How can I rid myself of comparison and demonstrate sincere support?
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