Going for the gold each day is my motto

Going for the gold each day is my motto

I do my best in everything I do. Approaching each task in life with zeal and enthusiasm makes me feel alive. I am invested in putting forth my best effort. Going for the gold each day is my plan.

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I benefit by working my hardest and placing my heart and soul into every task. In the morning, I wake up ready for the day. I tell myself to “just go for it,” regardless of what tasks are on my to-do list that day. I am energized by my own efforts.

My motto is, “I am going for the gold each day.” From the smallest task to the largest project, I give my all. Whether I am washing the car or completing the final page of a yearly report at the office, I do my best work. Then, I feel a sense of pride and self-respect.

When I experience something that brings me down, I am reminded of my perseverance and enthusiasm. I vow to myself to re-direct my efforts into those things I can control.

I make an impact whenever and wherever possible by aiming for excellence.

Going for the gold each day invigorates me. My positive attitude ignites my passion in life. Knowing that I try my hardest propels me forward.

Today, I renew my pledge to go for the gold. Every task or project I do deserves my best efforts. Today, and each day ahead, I plan to put my all into everything I do.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I attempt to do my best, no matter what the task?
  2. What factors prevent me from trying my hardest in everything I do?
  3. How can I ensure that I will go for the gold each day?
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