Positive Habits Are the Mind’s Magic Potion

Positive Habits Are the Mind’s Magic Potion

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Each day your mind leads you in a certain direction, sometimes by choice and other times in ways you don’t expect. You forge through our daily activities mostly by the habits you’ve formed, such as brushing your teeth or having a cup of coffee. When you learn how to control the mind, it can be a magic potion in determining your success in anything you want.
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Good and bad habits run our lives and you can create more good habits than bad if you find ways to engage the mind. It’s not as easy as it might seem. The subconscious mind that you don’t control has much to do with approving or sabotaging your good habit resolutions.

That’s why so many people fail at a diet that they began in February. The subconscious mind wasn’t really in tune and didn’t really like the idea of being deprived of all the comfort and solace that eating high calorie foods provided.

Since the subconscious mind can’t be controlled, the only hope you have of replacing a bad habit with a good one is to over-ride it. There are several ways to accomplish this task and each involves a true commitment to seeing it through. Here are some ways that good habits can become the mind’s magic potion and lead you to ultimate success:

  • Self-discipline Unless you develop a strong commitment to self-discipline, your efforts to create good habits could fall by the wayside. Commitment means planning ahead of how to thwart the subconscious mind when you begin to weaken and have trouble seeing the finish line.
  • Engage in the hardest tasks during your most productive time If you’re more productive in the mornings, engage in activities that are the most difficult, such as exercising. It can quickly become a lasting habit if it’s repeated many times and can be a magic potion to taking you to fitness success.
  • Quickly replace negative thoughts with positive ones Negative thoughts seem to come from nowhere – and it is really your subconscious mind putting buried emotions into your conscious mind. Don’t let them linger and sabotage your progress. Positive thoughts are a magic potion to help you build positive habits.
  • Identify what you want When your desires are firmly embedded in your mind, it’s difficult to be led astray. Try to etch a vivid picture of what success will look like when you achieve it and keep that image in front of you when tempted to go back to the old ways.

Meaningful and lasting changes can only succeed if you engage the mind and turn it into a magic potion for achieving what you want out of life. The good habits you form with your mind can lead the way to success and help you overcome obstacles that are sure to get in your way.

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