Having a clear conscience makes me feel beautiful on the inside.

Having a clear conscience makes me feel beautiful on the inside.

My peace of mind comes from the inside. Every moment of peace that I experience resonates through my being. When my conscience is clear, there is complete absence of darkness on the inside.

Bedroom Yoga

I always ensure that I forgive others. I know that it is sometimes hard, especially when their actions hurt me. But I know forgiveness opens space for more love.

When I forgive, I am free of inner turmoil, anger, and resentment. I am aware that a buildup of negative energy can cause me to feel low-spirited, so I am quick to forgive.

When my conscience is clear, I feel flawlessly beautiful on the inside.

My inner beauty filters out. My warmth and smile are effortless because they come from a deeper place.

My friends and family members always compliment me on how radiant I look. I am sure what radiates is my true joy for life.

Each night before bed, I think of all the negative things I allowed to consume me. I come to terms with them so I can eliminate them from my being. My nightly rest is more serene when I let go of negativity.

Today, I much prefer to be beautiful and happy on the inside. I like what it does to my mood and outlook. I commit to purging myself of anything negative that may be clouding my happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Am I better able to purge negativity when I talk to someone else about a situation?
  2. Are there times when I find it difficult to forgive someone’s actions?
  3. Is there something I can do to help others experience a similar inner peace?
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