How Bad Habits Make You Stronger

How Bad Habits Make You Stronger

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Can bad habits actually be good for you?. If you’ve been a person who finds it difficult to express anger, developing a habit of expressing it in a good way can help clear your mind and make better decisions. It’s been found that expressing anger prompts the brain to release less of the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is linked to such problems as heart disease and obesity.
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Other “bad” habits such as drinking coffee and wine are now said to be good for you if you indulge in moderation. Going overboard on any food or behavior can become a habit you need to quit, but in moderation, they’re okay.

A good example of how a good habit can turn bad is surfing the Internet. If you indulge in surfing the ‘Net to learn or build a business it can be a good thing. But, if you find yourself going deeply into debt from over-shopping or visiting sites that might cause a rift in relationships, that surfing can be bad for you.

Even the habit of being a slob can be good for you if you don’t let it get out of control. A person who constantly disinfects the home can actually be setting up an unhealthy environment.

When you clean out the little germs, you can sometimes be clearing a path for germs that are much more dangerous. And, some disinfectants and air fresheners aren’t good for asthma or respiratory sufferers.

The process of breaking a bad habit can also be good for you. When you use your mind and willpower to overcome obstacles that are keeping your from achieving success, you’re making yourself stronger and more apt to be able to withstand the next round of crises that comes along.

You’ll also be building your ability to commit to something when you commit and follow through with breaking bad habits. And, when you force yourself to think about the bad habit and ways to overcome it, you can change your environment and your lifestyle.

Through repetitive bad habits, you can more easily identify the good habits that you want to become repetitive. Your behavior will likely be affected by what you discover about yourself and you can more easily create the life you want.

Bad habits, when recognized, can teach you a lot about your environment and how it affects you. For example, you may eat healthy when you’re at home, but have the habit of ordering too much food at a restaurant. By recognizing and plotting about how to overcome that bad habit, you can learn much about yourself and what makes you tick.

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