How Some Habits Can Be Detrimental to Your Health

How Some Habits Can Be Detrimental to Your Health

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As part of the human race, you’re a creature of habit, some good and some bad. Obvious bad habits such as smoking and eating sugar are learned, and some bad habits are products of our environment. Some bad habits that are unnoticeable can also be harmful to your health.
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Bad habits such as dietary and smoking are easy to identify and correct. Drinking too much alcohol can affect your liver and perhaps alter your lifestyle by causing you to lose your job or relationships. But there are others that are harder to pinpoint may lead to chronic conditions such as stress, heart disease, depression and anxiety.

Here are some other habits that may not be as obvious, but can also affect your health in a negative way:

  • Sleep deprivation If you’re in the habit of skimping on sleep so that you can work or stay up all night partying, you’re doing your health a grave disservice. Sleep deprivation can even contribute to obesity because you’re more likely to crave higher calorie foods.
  • Watching television or surfing the web Doing anything in excess is usually bad for your health. If you’re watching too much television or constantly surfing the net, you’re likely not getting enough exercise or using your brain for more productive pursuits.
  • Procrastinating Procrastination about things like getting rid of bad habits can greatly affect your overall health. Plus, if you have things you keep putting off, such as doctors’ appointments, you could be negatively affected, both mentally and physically.
  • Anger Within reason, some anger is good for you because it helps you open up and rid yourself of suppressed feelings. But, if you develop a bad habit of being angry and abusive toward someone or your job or whatever bothers you, it can cause bad health issues.
  • Relationships If a relationship has become a bad habit, it might be better for you to end it and begin again, or take steps to work on a relationship that may be salvageable with some counseling or heart-to-heart talks.

Take a good look at the habits you’ve formed both good and bad and analyze how they may be affecting your health. Take steps to turn the bad habits into good ones and to find out why you developed the bad habits in the first place.

You may need professional help with some of the bad habits that are affecting your health. For example, if you’ve been smoking for many years, see a health care professional to discuss the best way for you to quit without so many repercussions.

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