I accept my quirks as part of my personality

I accept my quirks as part of my personality

I am my main supporter and number one fan while still being modest. My mental dialogue is positive and encouraging because I accept myself as I am.

My personality is an expression of who I am as a person and a representation of my heritage; therefore, I embrace my quirks with affection. The peculiar things I say and do are what make me unique.

nerdy dressed man enjoying music

Like bold splashes of bright colors, my quirks add life to an otherwise plain picture.

I have enough confidence to laugh at my own eccentricities.

My actions are genuine because I refuse to allow the negative opinions of others to shape my personality. I am who I am at all times; regardless of who is around. I enjoy the personality given to me by my Creator.

I refrain from trying to hide or suppress aspects of my personality because there is nothing wrong with me the way I am. I have been perfectly created to have the sense of humor I have, the volume I use, and the mannerisms I display.

I avoid troubling myself with trying to make others like me because the way people see me is a product of the way they see themselves.

Today, I choose to embrace my personality, quirks and all. I free myself from the constricting effects of self-consciousness through self-acceptance. By loving myself I teach others to do the same.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What do I love about my personality?
  2. How can I counter the constricting effects of self-consciousness?
  3. Why should I stop worrying about trying to make people accept me?
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