I accept success with grace and humility.

I accept success with grace and humility.

Victory and achievement are two of my greatest experiences. The inner pride I feel when I succeed is beyond what words can express.

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My success is always a result of hard work and continued blessings.

That knowledge reminds me to accept success with grace and humility. I avoid taking my achievements for granted because I know the outcome may change from time to time.

My first course of action when I realize I am victorious is to express my gratitude to everyone who played a key role in my success.

I am proud to acknowledge the contributions of others to my success. I always remember their kindness, realizing they may require my assistance in the future as well.

I know there is little room to relax even after achieving success. I always remind myself that each success is isolated.

I am encouraged by hard work because I know how it pays off. Yet, I am humbled and blessed by my successes.

Today, I continue to remind myself that positive virtues such as hard work, patience, and commitment can make seemingly impossible goals attainable. It is with grace that I accept my accomplishments.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I sometimes get so excited by my victory that I forget to express gratitude to others who have helped me along the way?
  2. Am I introspective enough to see the blessings even in unsuccessful feats?
  3. How do I teach my kids to show humility and grace?
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