I accept the love of those around me

I accept the love of those around me

I am loved. When people tell me that they love me, they mean it.


Regardless of what I’ve done in the past or what others have done to me in the past, I am worthy of being loved.

There’s nothing I could ever to do to earn or lose the love given to me because I am loved simply for who I am. When I make a mistake, I am forgiven and loved. When I shine like a star, I’m still loved – not because of what I did, but because of who I am.

I am free from second-guessing how people feel about me. When others are not cheerful toward me, I remember that they might just be having a bad day. I reject the urge to take it personally and worry about our relationship. It’s easy for me to trust others.

I am welcome everywhere I go. People are happy to see me when I arrive. Without reservations, I accept the love of those who offer it to me and free myself to love them back.

Accepting the love of others increases my self-confidence and allows me to love them in return. The love people offer me is strong enough to survive trials, arguments, and even grief.

Even when my friends and I hurt each other unintentionally, our love continues to live and grow. Love is stronger than strife. Love is more patient than anger. Love is a survivor.

Today, I choose to open my eyes. I see the love being offered to me and open my heart to receive it.

Self-Reflection Questions

  • Who loves me?
  • How do people show me love?
  • How is love a survivor?
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