I am a confident and competent leader.

I am a confident and competent leader.

Being a great leader is easy for me. People comfortably take my direction and have confidence in my leadership. I enjoy being a leader and do so confidently and competently.


I make the best of every occasion to lead others. I enjoy learning how to be a better leader and seek out opportunities to better my skills. I like being in charge and feel confident in my abilities.

Being a leader can be challenging, but I am up for that challenge.

I care about others, and people can sense this. Other individuals respect me and seek out my opinion in challenging times. People look to me for guidance and leadership.

I have great confidence in my ability to lead. My confidence is infectious. Others are more confident simply by being in my presence.

I pay attention and listen to those that I lead. Communication is an important part of the leadership dynamic. I have excellent communication skills that enhance my leadership talents. I enjoy listening to the ideas of others.

I have the necessary charisma to lead people. My groups are harmonious and productive. I can lead a group to any goal in a timely fashion. I equate leadership with achieving results. I get things done and others enjoy being part of that process.

Today, I feel even more confident about my leadership skills. I am learning more about how to be a competent leader. I seek out every chance to hone my leadership abilities.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What can I do today to become a better leader?
  2. Who is the best leader I know personally?
  3. What do I need to learn about leadership that will boost my confidence in my leadership abilities?
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