I am able to combat stress by talking things out with others.

I am able to combat stress by talking things out with others.


When a situation is causing me stress, I speak up for myself instead of letting things get bottled up inside of me. I am not afraid to tell people how I feel. Talking things out with others opens avenues for better communication.

I have the right to be heard. I have the right to express my point of view and for others to listen because I have valid things to say. However, those rights also carry the responsibility to be respectful in my speech. 

If someone is doing something that upsets me, I can speak to them respectfully without losing my temper. I am in control of my emotions. My emotions are not in control of me. I choose to use my words in stressful situations.

Often, I find that I am stressed because I misunderstood something that was said. Open lines of communication help to minimize confusion. I work better when I feel like I am understood by others. 

I stay away from violence because it solves nothing. Violence only leads me to feel more stressed than before. It leaves me feeling embarrassed and defeated. When I want to be understood, gentle words are my main form of defense.

I have a vast vocabulary and sharp communication skills because I am an educated individual. I use these tools when I am involved in a dispute. My vocabulary is sprinkled with kindness. When I speak with gentleness, others are more than willing to reach an agreement with me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I use my words to combat stress?
  2. What has stopped me from talking things out with others in the past?
  3. What qualities do I have that make me a good communicator?
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