I am appreciated by my employer

I am appreciated by my employer

I work hard because I am passionate about what I do. I put my heart into my job. I care deeply about the effect my work has on others.

My efforts are appreciated by my employer.

My employer thinks highly of me because of the quality of my work.

Businnessman celebrating outside building

The awards I’ve received at my job have been because my dedication has been noted by my employer. I reject thoughts questioning the validity of my awards. I have earned all the merits I’ve been given.

I am indispensable to my employer. My workplace would not be the same without me. I have an important role, which no one else can fill the way I do.

I resist the urge to grow restless regarding promotions or raises. Instead, I work even harder to prove myself as a devoted employee.

People show emotions in different ways. When my employer’s actions cause me to struggle with self-doubt, I remind myself of instances when I felt appreciated.

When my manager thanks me for my work, I believe they are genuinely grateful. I refrain from reading anything into my employer’s words or actions. Instead, I choose to believe what they express to me.

I understand that my manager is a busy person with many responsibilities. Sometimes they may lack the time to stop and share their appreciation, but I rest assured that regardless of whether or not I’m publicly thanked, I am valued.

Today, I choose to feel appreciated by my employer. I continue to work with passion, knowing that my efforts are deeply valued.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What is something positive my employer has said about me?
  2. How can I improve as an employee?
  3. How does my employer make me feel valued?
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