I am becoming better every day.

I am becoming better every day.

I view each day as an opportunity to better myself in every way. With this approach, I am able to enhance my life in all areas. I embrace the concept of ongoing personal development.

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Becoming better each day is actually the easiest way to live. Life’s challenges melt away, as it is impossible for them to survive in an environment of never-ending enhancement.

I enjoy setting goals. Goals help me to stay focused on further developing my talents and skills. I find that I reach my goals consistently and in a timely fashion.

Setting and achieving goals are becoming a part of my daily routine.

Though I may have a few challenges from time to time, by becoming better each day, these challenges are easily overcome. I learn from my challenges and use these lessons in my goal-setting process.

I am becoming more accomplished each day. Every part of my life is getting stronger on a regular basis. I enjoy this and feel pride in my accomplishments.

Each evening, I review the activities of the day and am pleased to see my progress. It makes me feel happy and in control of my life.

Today, I plan to have my best day ever. I can see opportunities to become better and live a perfectly satisfying life. I am becoming better every day.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. In what areas have I shown the most growth over the last year?
  2. What areas of my life do I want to make better?
  3. What is my plan for the areas of my life in which I desire to change?
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