I am comfortable wearing a swimsuit

I am comfortable wearing a swimsuit

As I prepare to wear a bathing suit, I spend as much time getting my mind ready as I do my body. Abdominal exercises help in toning my body, but the most important factor is my mind.

woman posing in swimsuit

I choose to feel confident about my body in a swimsuit.

I refuse to allow body image issues to rob me from fun in the sun.

I avoid staring at my figure in front of the mirror for prolonged periods of time, searching for flaws. Even super models can pick their bodies apart if that is their intent. My goal is to avoid tearing myself down and, instead, to nurture self-acceptance.

Before I go swimsuit shopping, I take an inventory of my body’s strengths. I stand in front of the mirror with positive eyes and point out only my favorite features on my body. When I shop, I look for swimsuits that bring attention to my more flattering assets.

Choosing the right bathing suit is a key to boosting my self-confidence. With the right swimsuit, I have the ability to choose the features I want to hide or showcase. I pair my swimsuit with a cover-up to complete a look that makes me feel good.

Before wearing a swimsuit in public, I wear it around my home. Getting used to how my swimsuit feels in the privacy of my home helps me alleviate self-conscious feelings when I go out in public.

Today, I choose to put my swimsuit on and speak to myself in a way that builds up my self-confidence as I look into the mirror. I free myself to accept my imperfections, and resolve in my heart to enjoy myself in spite of them.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What is my favorite part of my body?
  2. Do I speak about myself with kind and respectful words?
  3. How can I enjoy myself in a swimsuit?
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