I am creating a new path for my life

I am creating a new path for my life

I am leaving my history behind and looking straight ahead. The past is unable to weigh me down because the future is tugging at me with the powerful force of expectation.

The more I allow myself to hope for the future, the easier it is for me to overcome my past.

woman writing PLAN B on clear board

There is a new melody in my heart, a new song coming forth from within as I embark on my journey. The rest of my life lies before me as I hold the pen in my hands and begin to compose the lyrics to the new song of my life.

My path is taking me to all the places I dare to dream about. I can go anywhere and do anything I desire in the deepest places of my heart.

When I encounter a wall in front of me, I find a way to get around it. My steadfast determination is undeterred by difficulties. The tougher the road gets, the harder I press on.

The choices I am making today cause me to burst with new life. My life, my children’s lives, and the lives of those around me are forever changed because of my courage to stand up for myself and take charge of where I am headed.

Today, I choose to see my future through the eyes of my Creator, instead of my own eyes. I rise above what I previously thought of myself. I transcend whatever challenges lie in my past. I see myself as a person full of potential and destined for greatness.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What do I want to do differently from my parents?
  2. Who can help me start over?
  3. What great things would I like to accomplish?
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