I am restoring the bounce back into my steps

I am restoring the bounce back into my steps

My eyes are focused on the world of possibilities within my reach. When I open my eyes to the bright world in front of me, my heart is filled with expectancy. I restore the bounce back to my step by reflecting on all the amazing things I live for.

Businnessman celebrating outside building

Although I may have become discouraged through series of unfortunate outcomes, I rise above past disillusion and allow myself to dream again. I look for ways to lift my spirit through nature.

I choose to draw inspiration from the simplest buds blooming into beautiful flowers to the new life in the eyes of a newborn baby. The more inspired I become, the more my strength increases. My will to live my best life is stronger than ever.

In moments of disenchantment, I trade misery for relief. I let go of the burden of past shortcomings to free myself for new victories. Prayer is my tool for transforming an attitude of despair into one of hope.

Serenity is soothing my eyes by helping me to see the positive aspects of every circumstance. Positivity calms my soul amid despair.

Excitement fills me as I think about all that remains for me to accomplish.

Today, with my head held high and a bright smile on my face, I bravely choose to carry on with my life. I choose to focus on the possibilities ahead of me and disregard the negativity that may have been part of my past.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I inspire myself?
  2. What negative event of my past do I need to let go of once and for all?
  3. What is one thing I look forward to accomplishing?
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