I am strong enough to face life’s challenges

I am strong enough to face life’s challenges

The nature of life is to offer us many experiences. Some of those situations are enjoyable and easy to manage. Other experiences in life’s journey are filled with struggle. I have what it takes to stand strong in difficult times.

I possess confidence in my ability to honestly and openly face life’s constraints. I understand that all human beings have times of strife and stress. When a life challenge finds its way into my path, I am charged with demonstrating fortitude.

In the event that I am faced with a struggle, I remind myself that this is a natural part of life.

These experiences create chances to learn important things that can help me in the future.

Bird symbolic of making a unique decision against the grain separate from the group against the flow
I strive to see the opportunity for personal growth and change as I address the current situation.

I reach deep inside myself to muster courage and confidence to face whatever troubles me. My bravery rises to meet the situation. My belief in myself blooms as I ready myself for this encounter.

Sometimes, I recall past battles I have survived. Those struggles are far behind me now. I consider how I made it through those events. By reflecting on this, my strength for my current situation grows and my stamina is renewed.

I feel power grow inside me. Energy flows in. I am ready to meet this issue head on.

Today, I remember prior situations I have learned from and reflect on how I addressed them. When I face life’s challenges, I recognize my abundance of strength.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are three life events that I approached with great energy?
  2. Am I in touch with my own feelings when a challenging situation arises?
  3. In what ways am I strong? In what areas can I strive to be braver and stronger?
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