I am strong enough to let others know what I need.

I am strong enough to let others know what I need.

Part of my strength is my ability to speak out and make my wishes known. I speak out in a way that is gentle, but assertive. I am strong enough to let others know what I need.


My needs are important, and I am willing to accept help to fulfill them.

I understand that it is difficult for others to give me what I require if I fail to inform them of my needs. I am comfortable letting people know what I want from them. I encourage them to do the same. I like to help others, and they like to help me.

Sometimes, I might be too embarrassed to let someone know my wishes. But then I remember that admitting I have desires is really a display of my strength, and people admire others that show strength.

I am becoming more and more comfortable with making requests. We could all do more to help each other – it is a form of bonding. I am free of anxiety when asking for assistance.

I feel more confident, assertive, and proud when I make my needs known.

Today, I am letting the world know what I require from it. I assist others with their needs and expect the same in return. I am supporting someone else as much I wish to be supported.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What unmet needs do I have in my life?
  2. Who could I ask to help me with these needs?
  3. Is there anyone in my life that needs something from me?
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