I am sustained by my friendships

I am sustained by my friendships

Friendships are as varied as the stars in the sky.

Some people seem to have a magnetic effect on me. They “pull” me toward them. Their energy seems to envelop me, and it rejuvenates me.
Friends dancing
Some of my friends make me laugh. I “act crazy” with them and can really relax and enjoy myself when spending time with them. I need these friends to bring more pleasure and relaxation to my life.

Other friends show me a more serious side of relationships. They provide me with factual, even intellectual, discussions that make me think. These friends also provide me with special experiences that sustain me.

When I am around my friends, I strive to focus on our time together.

I seek to truly experience their presence. Spending time with friends provides me with the time and space to really connect with and pursue what I want out of life.

My friendships help me in so many ways. My mood lifts, my mind relaxes, and I am filled with joy whenever I spend time with friends. My friends also help me see my aspirations clearly and support me as I pursue them.

My friendships make the difference in whether I am involved and happy in my life or disconnected and blue. I am revived and refreshed because of my friendships.

Today, I choose to contemplate all the ways my friendships sustain me and acknowledge the nourishment they bring to my soul.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Who can I call a good friend? Why?
  2. In what ways do I receive sustenance from these relationships?
  3. How can I increase the benefits that I give and receive from my friends?
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