I am the architect of my life.

I am the architect of my life.


I am ultimately responsible for the life I experience.

I can change nearly any aspect of my life, so I create the life I desire.

I am free of the belief that circumstances control my life. Circumstances simply provide a starting point. The direction of my journey is the same. Some circumstances might make changes more difficult, but I am up for the challenge.

I choose goals and activities that move my life in a positive direction. I have a vision for my life that supports my dreams and the people closest to me. I put plans into place and review those plans each week.

I see the opportunities around me and leverage those opportunities to the best of my abilities. When I do this, my life gets better. The more my life is enhanced, the more control I feel I have over it.

I am very confident in my ability to design my life and to make that vision come to fruition. I realize that it takes a little bit of effort each day to achieve any substantial results. I am happy to put forth that effort. The best things in my life usually require the most work.

My life is my masterpiece. I take full responsibility for my past, current, and future circumstances.

Today, I renew my commitment to designing my life. I am working harder and more efficiently at making my life exactly the way I want it to be.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What can I do immediately that would enhance my life the most?
  2. Do I have goals in place so I can stay on track?
  3. What resources am I underutilizing?
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