I am worthy because I exist

I am worthy because I exist

At times, life has a way of challenging me in ways that make me question my self-worth. But when these trials come, they provide me with opportunities to reflect on my own worthiness.

I ask myself, what does being “worthy” really mean? A little research informs me that being worthy means that I am “good,” “deserving,” and “right.” If I believe that we are all born basically good, then I, too, am good and worthy of living.

When I think about my self-worth, I recognize that I am a human being who is “equal” in all general aspects to other human beings.

Man looking at earth concept

Although my character is unique and sometimes flawed in its own special ways, I am still worthy of life.

Perhaps there are people in my life who send me negative messages about my own worth. When I feel that others are putting me down, I reflect on these situations as they occur. Then, I make clear decisions regarding how to respond. I use tact and care as I protect my self-worth by standing up for myself with others.

I am worth it. Why? The reason is simple: everyone “matters.” Regardless of what I do or any shortcomings I might have, I still have self-worth. In essence, I am worthy because I exist.

Today, I plan to take the time to list all my positive characteristics. I unearth my inner self to identify all things good about me. Regardless of the length of that list, I intend to celebrate my own self-worth today.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I recognize my own worth?
  2. How can I remind myself each day of my worthiness?
  3. How can I earn the respect of others by recognizing my own self-worth?
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