I anticipate challenges and opportunities.

I anticipate challenges and opportunities.

Although I am usually unsure about what life might bring, I trust in the knowledge that I can roll with the punches. Sometimes, I think about what is possible. I wonder about the best ways to take advantage of what is before me, whether it is a challenge or an opportunity.


I try to determine the things that can test me.

I am better prepared for anything because I put effort into making my best guess about what challenges I might face today. I ponder the tough experiences I might soon encounter.


I consider the opportunities that might present themselves to me.

It is exciting to think about being ready to avail myself of the benefits of a new opportunity. I experience feelings of pure joy as I explore the good things that are likely coming my way.

Each day, I whisper thanks for another day’s opportunities. I also welcome the challenges because I know that my life is enriched after traversing a particularly rough patch.

Today, I am strong and ready to greet whatever experiences come my way.

Being ready to deal with life’s trying times and shining offers ensures I live with adventure, excitement, and success.

It is truly wonderful to be alive.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I consider challenges and opportunities that might appear before me prior to their occurrence?
  2. When was the last time I anticipated a challenge? When did an opportunity present itself to me that I was ready for? Did it help that I was prepared?
  3. What are some of the most effective steps I can take to ensure I am anticipating challenges and opportunities?
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