I appreciate my colleagues

I appreciate my colleagues

I have a deep sense of sincere appreciation for my colleagues because part of my success depends on them. As part of a team, I need my colleagues to support me; therefore, I demonstrate my support for them.

Office team clapping hands during a conference

I verbally express my gratitude to my colleagues as they go out of their way to do something for me or alleviate my load.

It is important to me that others hear me say “thank you.”

I refrain from taking my colleagues for granted because they are doing their job. Regardless of whether the kind gesture towards me was part of someone’s job description, it does not change the fact that I am grateful to have help.

I look for small things to appreciate. I study my colleagues and appreciate the personal touch they add to their work. I appreciate the love my colleagues put into their work.

Who my colleagues are as individuals helps me to be even more appreciative of them.

Some of my colleagues are hardworking single parents who give their all to bring food to the table and create a life for their families. Other colleagues are high profile professionals who have chosen to work with me. In either instance, I am blessed beyond measure to have people of this caliber with whom I share my workday.

Today, I choose to say “thank you” to at least three co-workers for the work they do and the support they provide for me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Who can I thank today for a job well done?
  2. Why is it important to have a grateful attitude at work?
  3. How can I prevent myself from taking my colleagues for granted?
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