I arrive at work early

I arrive at work early

I am punctual because it says a lot about who I am. When I arrive at work early, I send a message that I take my job seriously, that I am grateful for the opportunity to have employment, and that I value the time of my colleagues.
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I do whatever it takes to get myself to work early.

I set my alarm clock not only to get up in the morning, but also to notify me when it is time to head out. The morning alarm wakes me up, but the second alarm helps me leave my home on time.

I get to work at least ten minutes before I need to be there. I give myself time for the unexpected events of life. I make plans to not only be on time, but early. This plan successfully prevents me from worrying about traffic jams, finding a parking spot, or running into a chatty friend.

My reputation as a timely employee sets me up for success. My employer and coworkers see me as a reliable asset to my job because I am consistently early to work. By the time the day begins, I have had a time to collect my thoughts so I can express myself with clarity.

Today, I choose to set myself up for a stress-free workday by doing all I can to start the day without the stressful side effects of rushing.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What time do I need to leave my home so that I may arrive to work early?
  2. How much would I enjoy a few minutes to myself before having to begin my day?
  3. Why is punctuality important?
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