I avoid harboring any ill will towards others.

I avoid harboring any ill will towards others.

Each day, I acknowledge that this world has been created for all human beings to dwell in each other’s presence. I realize it is sometimes difficult for people to reside peacefully, especially when their principles and values are different.


I commit to living according to my ideals and beliefs, yet I rebuff taking aim at those I share this Earth with, even when their beliefs are different than mine.

Sometimes it is easy to have negative feelings towards someone, especially if I am offended by their actions or words. But I make it a point to avoid ill will towards others.

When I recognize that I may be harboring negative feelings about someone else, I immediately become introspective and seek clarity of purpose. I remind myself that my purpose is to live peacefully, regardless of my differences with others.

I avoid allowing disputes control my feelings.

If there is confrontation, I make every effort to extend my hand in peace and forgiveness. I realize that this is the only way to move on and prevent myself from harboring ill will.

I am a vessel of peace and embrace my responsibilities as such.

Today, as I go through my daily routine, I commit to seeing others through eyes of peace, forgiveness, and positivity.

I am dedicated to doing my part in bringing peace and understanding to the world.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Does my approach to peace convince others to change their approach?
  2. Do I spend enough time encouraging my loved ones to keep pure thoughts?
  3. Do I truly forgive others?
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