I beat shyness by initiating conversations

I beat shyness by initiating conversations

group of business professinalsI have all the courage to take the first step in initiating a dialogue. I allow myself to simply walk up to someone else and begin to speak. I can do this because I am a pleasant person with whom others love to communicate.

I discard any fear of rejection or insecurity about my self-worth that could prevent me from speaking to others. By starting a conversation, I trample over fear and dance my way into a new relationship.

Rather than be shy and wait to be acknowledged, I take the liberty to be the one who acknowledges others. I enjoy walking up to others and making them feel accepted by beginning a conversation.

I overcome shyness by turning the focus from myself onto others.

When I think only about myself, I can become reclusive, driven by a desire to protect myself from vulnerability. Although I might find it easier to keep to myself, I benefit more by pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.

I shake off selfishness by thinking about how good I can make others feel when I greet them warmly and strike up a conversation with them. I take pleasure in knowing that my friendly demeanor brings comfort to others.

I am free to speak to others because I am confident in who I am. I allow boldness to rise up within me and carry me toward a new conversation. I can do this even when my feet feel frozen with apprehension.

Today, I choose to walk up to someone new and initiate a conversation. Using this technique to beat shyness, I gain many new friends. And the more I practice these skills, the better I become!

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I overcome my shyness?
  2. Why should people talk to me?
  3. With whom can I initiate a conversation today?
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